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Spotlight on Business

GirlGeeks caught up with these savvy businesswomen at the Texas Conference for Women (2001) and Professional Business Women of California (2000). Hear what their advice is for women in the business of technology.

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Lynne Franks
Lynne Franks, Author
"The SEED Handbook-The Feminine Way to Create Business"
video Mentoring and sharing are just as important as money.
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Mona Lisa Wallace
Mona Lisa Wallace, CEO,
video Make choices that include taking care of yourself.
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Claire Farley
Claire Farley,
CEO, Trade-Ranger

video Create your own road map.
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Laura Kilcrease
Laura Kilcrease, Founder and Managing Director, Triton Venture Partners

video How motivated are you?
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Lauri Kober
Lauri Kober, CEO,
videoIf you are passionate, you're likely to succeed.
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Janie Martinez-Gonzalez
Janie Martinez-Gonzalez, President and CEO, The Web Head Group
videoEducation is key.
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