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Spotlight on Technology

GirlGeeks met these fascinating women in 2000 at the Broadband Media Conference, Seybold 2000, and our own TechiesDay Webcast. Here they share their views on technology and women at work.

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Olivia Ongpin
Lillian Goleniewski

President, Lido Organization
video Humanizing the computer.
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Gail Ann Williams
Laurie Shook

Director of New Media, Lucent Technologies
video Streaming media is a disruptive technology.
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Patricia Beckmann
Margaret Pritchard
Management Applications Project
The importance of networking.
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Patricia Beckmann
Pamela Mead
Senior Strategic Consultant, Metadesign
videoPrinciples for making business decisions.
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Roberta Furger
Nuala O'Connor
Deputy General Council-Privacy, DoubleClick
videoA "teachable moment" in technology.
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Roberta Furger
Judy Estrin
CEO, Packet Design
What makes a site successful?
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Shari Steele
Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
videoPeer-to-peer file sharing & the point of "fair use."
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Carlene Ellis
VP and Director of Education at Intel
videoCarlene and moderator Moira Gunn share their thoughts on what happens when women lead.
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