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September 1999

CJ Curtis

Carole Dulong

I joined Intel Corporation nine years ago to work on the Pentium processor platform. As a computer architect, I work on the IA64 Intel optimizing compilers for Intel's next generation 64 bit processors such as Merced. I've been an active contributor to the IA64 architecture, and its associated compiler techniques for the last five years.

Prior to my current position, I worked on handwriting recognition technology, and was one of the architects of Intel's MMX technology. Which is now used to accelerate speech, audio processing and imaging applications on most PCs.

At the beginning of my career I worked in France at Matra and on the Isis supercomputer project at Bull. Throughout my career I have collected over twenty patents, many of them from work on MMX technology.

I'm originally a native of France, but have lived in the U.S. since 1986. I received my degree in Engineering from the Institut Superieur d'Electronique de Paris. Engineering must run in my family because my sister is also an engineer. I believe that the technology arena is a great place for working women right now. That's why I am active in networking and mentoring groups for women in technology.

Another important thing to mention is that hi-tech happens only through people. Hi-tech has an incredibly diversified work force, and I work every day with people from all over the world. It is sometimes a communication challenge, but it is so enriching that it is worth every "faux pas" I have done when starting to work with people from an unfamiliar culture.

When did you first discover your love and/or obsession with computers and technology?

I have always wanted to become an engineer even since I was a little girl, even though I did not know what it meant at the time. I wanted to be able to create new things, and to build things, and this is what engineers do. When I graduated from high school, electronics and computers were starting to be hot areas, and their potential seemed irresistible. This is when I decided to become a computer scientist.

How do you earn a living?

By working at Intel. Like most people involved in hi-tech, my workdays are hectic, crazy, unpredictable, and never the same. This is what is so fun about this world, the word routine does not exist (except in the software sense). I spend quite a bit of time in meetings, but the technical challenge of the day is always new. It always calls for me to be on my toes, not to accept the status quo, and to keep pushing the envelope.

Do you consider yourself a Geek?

I do not know what it takes to qualify as a geek. I am certainly in love with computers, and the technologies that enable them.

What is your favorite Website?

I do not have a favorite Website. For me what is wonderful about the Web is to discover a new Website, and a new source of information every time I log on to the Web.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am an outdoors enthusiast. My husband and I use all weekends and vacations as hiking opportunities in the wilderness. Two years ago, we took a 6 week sabbatical in the Swiss Alps, we hiked over 200 miles, and it was wonderful. I brought back over 300 pictures, and of course they are all on my computer.


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