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March 2000

Rachel Moreaux

Rachel Moreaux

Rachel became interested when she re-enlisted in the military and changed her MOS to Computers, Rachel took an introductory computing class in 1988. That class changed her life forever. Thereafter, she spent all her free time on the computer, glued to various BBS. At the end of her service, instead of re-enlisting, Rachel started college full time, determined to make a career in computing. A voracious learner, Rachel took programming jobs for which she was not yet fully qualified, gaining knowledge and experience very quickly. Just months later she would provide support for networks, computers, and training to 105 counties in Kansas. Along the way she met her first computer hero and mentor, Kathy Wright, whose knowledge and enthusiasm for technology was infectious. Kathy's inspiration cemented the Rachel's feeling that computers were in her blood and would be in love with them for the rest of her days.

When did you first discover your love and/or obsession with computers and technology?

In 1988, when I took a computer class while in the military.

How do you earn a living?

I own a computer consulting business. I have two partners and together we are the "Information Technology (IT) department for small business". Without writing up a novel on all the services that we provide our clients, we try to equate ourselves to that of an IT department for a fortune 100 company. We provide all of the same services, but at a much more intimate level and a true desire to insure that our clients maximize the technology that they have to become more productive

Do you consider yourself a Geek?

YES! Though, I am missing the glasses and pocket protector J. I live and breathe computers, electronics, software, and the likes. This gets to my husband occasionally, but he is also a geek, so he generally gets over it pretty quickly.

What is your favorite Web site?

I don't have a real favorite web site. I have a list of about 15 that I visit regularly, but if I had to list one, then I would have to make that This is home to San Francisco Women on the Web (SF WoW). SF WoW is a grass roots organization in San Francisco whose mission is to serve, educate, and empower women on the web

What do you do when you are not working?

There isn't much time during the day when I am not working. When I do find some free time, I spend time with my husband and children, play golf (very badly) and softball. I also volunteer for SF WoW and my son's school PTA.


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