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November 2000

Katie Moussouris

Nell AC

Nell is 12 years old and can't remember when she did not use computers. The daughter of longtime multimedia developers, Nell began designing Websites two years ago using MS Publisher, which she says is a "somewhat limited creation tool." She broke the limitations of Publisher by learning HTML and immediately created more sophisticated designs by hand.

Nell approaches her creations as both technologist and artist, combining interesting graphics with fluid interface. She has created Websites for a children's theatre, a dance studio and last summer was hired by an Internet firm to develop a product. This spring Nell won a $2000 award from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship for the business plan she wrote for her own company, Valerik Multimedia.

When did you first discover your love and/or obsession with computers and technology?

I started out curious and realized I was obsessed when I found myself sitting at the computer 4 hours at a time creating a medieval fantasy web game. At the tender age of 12 I've created hundreds of HTML pages.

How do you earn a living?

By being worshipped and adored by my family!

Do you consider yourself a Geek?

As a person, I don't consider myself geeky. But when I stand back and look at what I do all day, I'm a major geek.

What is your favorite Website? ...don't ask.

What do you do when you are not working?

I don't work IS my play. When I'm not computing, I'm reading comic books, hip hop dancing, drawing, performing in plays, eating, sleeping or watching TV.

What's your motto?

Don't let the bastards grind ya down.

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Well, I AM an actress!

What would be the title of your autobiography?


When and where were you the happiest?

Last winter was somewhat of my ideal lifestyle. Go to hip hop class, act in a play, work on my Websites and watch Xena. And since I'm a homeschooler I have lots of time for those things.


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