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July 2000

Uiloq Slettemark

Uiloq SlettMark

Uiloq is a Greenland geek; meaning she lives in Greenland. In fact, she comes from a land of many geeks, having graduated from the University of Oslo in Norway with a Masters in computer science. Uiloq, who is part Scandinavian and part Inuit/Eskimo, says she "bumped" into technology on her way to a degree in biology. Now she is a technology consultant in Greenland.

Being in a remote part of the world has helped her appreciate the grand utility of technology. She says, "We have so many more opportunities with the new technology by using Internet and videoconferencing instead of traveling around in the country. Most of Greenland is only accessible by boat or helicopters." With her geeky skills, the world is at her fingertips.

When did you first discover your love and/or obsession with computers and technology?

I guess I started loving computers and technology when I was born (at least technology). I started be pretty obsessed with computers during my study time at university in 1986. It was the early age of emailing and it became SO easy to make arrangements with fellow study buddies using email.

How do you earn a living?

I have been working as computer consultant since 1994.

Do you consider yourself a Geek?

Geek?? What is that??

What is your favorite Website?

Well -- I have to admit it's the news sites. Having all daily newspapers flown into Greenland only three times a week during winter, it's so much easier to get on the Internet and read the news there.

What do you do when you are not working?

Skiing (a LOT), fishing, hunting (yes - we do shoot seals and whales in Greenland), sailing, hiking, biking, everything outdoors.

What's your motto?

"Live strong - die young" - the only motto I can come up with at the moment.

Who is the person you most admire?

Thorvald Stoltenberg, the former Norwegian Peacemaker, he is now head of Red Cross Norway.

When and where were you the happiest?

When I'm in Nature all by myself, thinking how wonderful life is!!


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