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 Lois Bartelme
Lois Bartelme

Dr. Lois Bartelme is vice president of Learning Systems at LIVEware5, a streaming technology communications company. Bartelme has over 20 years experience in the field of organizational, leadership and employee development in academic, corporate and military environments. In her position at LIVEware5, she is actively engaged in helping organizations leverage advanced technologies to facilitate the learning process. Bartelme applies her background in adult education and student-centered pedagogical models to the design of Internet content and counsels nationally known educators as they adapt their presentations to videoconference and Internet delivery modes.

Formerly, Bartelme was Director of Organization 2000 for Collins Commercial Avionics, Rockwell International, where she was instrumental in creating the vision, strategic direction and organizational development for four divisions of a Fortune 100 company. As the Chief Learning Officer and Managing Director of the Center for Learning for APAC TeleServices, Inc., she was responsible for designing and delivering training programs to create a learning organization comprised of 14,000 people in 10 states. She is also an adjunct faculty member for the College of Business, University of Iowa where she teaches MBA courses and seminars in leadership, teamwork, and rewarding and recognizing employees.

Bartelme received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Post-Secondary and Higher Education. She earned a master's degree in Anthropology from the University of Alabama where she focused on the economic and cultural effects of local markets. Bartelme's undergraduate degree was in English Literature from Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts. In addition she completed a year of post-graduate studies in counseling from Auburn University in Alabama.


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