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Tiffany Bass Bukow
Tiffany Bass Bukow

Tiffany Bass Bukow is the founder of Early on, Bukow recognized that women's unique needs in the financial arena were largely underserved by traditional financial services institutions and their online counterparts. As a result, Bukow developed her vision for providing online financial services targeted to women. As founder and CEO, of MsMoney, Bukow develops and directs the company's strategic and technology initiatives.

Bukow is an expert in Internet technology, Web development and marketing to women online. is her third startup company. Prior to, Bukow founded and served as president for five years. At, she led a team of 20 professionals in the design, development and programming of Web sites for industry leaders such as Sun Microsystems, America Online, Lucent and Bechtel. Prior to, Bukow led a financial services start-up called

Bukow is an acclaimed international speaker and has been featured at Internet industry conferences, marketing forums and women's events. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Barron's, and has appeared on Yahoo! "FinanceVision" and ZDTV. Bukow hosts a weekly radio show called "MoneySmart" that is focused on women's financial issues. She is also forming a non-profit organization called the Get-Smart.Org Foundation that will have several community outreach programs for low-income families.

Bukow holds an M.A. in Instructional Technologies and Multimedia from San Francisco State University and a B.S. in Business from the University of Arizona.


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