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Next Generation
Name: Christine
Age: 17
Interests: BioChem

How many 17 year-old girls can say they've worked in a biochemistry lab at Stanford University, or watch a space shuttle launch. Not many. Christine is a rare find, indeed.

Christine is a 17-year-old senior in high school. Science has always been Christine's favorite subject. Pursuing her love of science, she worked at a biochemistry lab at Stanford University last summer, where she made backup copies of yeast strains for a project designed to map the genome of the yeast cell. She is also a member of the Young Women of NASA Advisory Council. As part of that group she's witnessed a shuttle launch, participated in the YWAC conference, and worked on the YWAC web site. Something she describes as the most exciting thing she's ever done.

Through her work she has realized the difficulties involved in getting girls into science and technology. She works twice as hard as she normally would to help solve this problem and inspire other girls to follow their science dreams. Her advice for girls: "Try new things and find out what you really enjoy. Don't forget to have fun, explore, and live life!"

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