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Internet Olivia Dillan

Olivia Dillan

Olivia Dillan has over 16 years of experience leading product development teams in the delivery of software products and services, including application servers, business security software, video online services, interactive television applications, groupware products, wireless email, Web measurement and analysis services, relational database management systems, application development tools and compilers.

Ms. Dillan is currently vice president of engineering and operations at an Internet financial services company. She has held key executive positions in Silicon Valley, including SVP of technology at NextCard, VP of engineering at Sun/NetDynamics, VP of product development at Pretty Good Privacy Inc.,VP of engineering at Portal Software, VP of product development at Internet Profiles Corporation, VP of the new media applications and tools division at Oracle Corporation, VP of engineering at RadioMail and VP of core product development at ASK/Ingres.

She began her career as a software developer and quickly moved into management. Ms. Dillan holds a B.A. in computer science from Hunter College, where she graduated summa cum laude.

When Di Giovanni isnít working with hot growth start-ups, she is a world class amateur polo player. She plays competitively at the famous El Dorado Polo Club, Palm Springs, California and in 1999 was part of the all-womenís team that made history by winning the finals of the largest co-ed league tournament. Di Giovanni owns 15 polo ponies that she trains and houses in the Bay Area.

She holds a B.S. degree in engineering from Cornell University.


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