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Internet Nikki Douglas

Nikki Douglas

Ten years ago, when Nikki Douglas took her first job in an office supply store in Key West, she decided right then and there that what she never wanted to do was live her life for anyone but herself. Now working for the magazine Incite PC Gaming, she has the honor of being the first female senior editor in gaming mag history.

What makes Nikki tick? "I was the grrl who did it on her own terms, who made her own way, who took something and built it from nothing - who actually managed to create my own reality. That was it, I was a grrl, through and through, not taking 'no' for an answer, always saying 'yes' to everything. The words 'I can't' are not even part of my vocabulary. It was always about 'I can' and 'Why not?.' I had to find my passion, my soul stirrer - the ONE THING that possessed me, that owned me, that made me a slave to it because it was my very essence. It was writing, it had been since I was able to put words into a sentence, but who'd even give me a chance?"

Nikki made her own chance. There were a lot of disappointments along the way, such as the book she wrote for Peachpit Press which never got published and agents that wasted her time. To her chagrin, things never happened as quickly as she wanted and before Nikki knew it, she was to old to be a wunderkind.

"I resigned myself to the fact that my twenties were simply a dress rehearsal for my upcoming thirties. I am grateful, thankful and thrilled that I have this opportunity to share myself with the world. I am lucky. Very lucky."


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