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Hardware Judy Estrin

Judy Estrin

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Judy Estrin is the president and CEO of Packet Design. Estrin is the former CTO and senior vice president at Cisco Systems. At Cisco, Estrin was responsible for strategic technology planning and business development, including investments and acquisitions, consulting engineering and advanced Internet projects, as well as legal and government affairs.

Prior to joining Cisco, Estrin was co-founder, president and CEO of Precept Software, a leading multimedia networking software company. Previously, she was president and CEO of Network Computing Devices (NCD), a leading supplier of X terminals and PC-to-UNIX connectivity software. Before that she was a co-founder of Bridge Communications, a pioneer in network routers, bridges and communication servers. (The company merged with 3Com in 1987.)

Estrin holds bachelor's degrees in mathematics and computer science from UCLA and a M.A. in electrical engineering from Stanford University, where she was involved in the early development of TCP/IP protocols. Estrin sits on the board of directors of Federal Express, Sun Microsystems and The Walt Disney Company.


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