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Next Generation
Name: Lisa
Age: 16
Interests: Genetics, Neurobiology and Archaeology

Lisa is 16 years old and a junior in high school. Since her grammar school days Lisa was drawn to science. Today she is very much drawn to genetics, neurobiology and archaeology.

Always trying to keep her interests fresh and learn as much as she can about anything and everything, Lisa hopes to end up with a career that combines many interests, both in sciences and non-science fields. She recently caught a glimpse of the undergraduate life by visiting the University of California-San Francisco where she and other science-minded teens studied the brain and discussed how much is not known about the brain. In comparing the brains of mice and humans, Lisa was amazed at the similarities.

When not picking brains, Lisa spends much time volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. There she gets to explore her engineering side while helping those in need. She's also a member of the Young Women of NASA Advisory Council. There she works to make a difference in the lives of other girls interested in science.


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