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Everyone has an innergeek. It's the part of our subconscious that says, "I love tech."
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Meet the Women Who Inspire Us

Women are changing the face of the technology industry. These tech superstars are breaking new ground and leaving their mark.

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Aliza Sherman Internet
These Web weavers have molded the ever evolving Internet into the wild and wonderful place it is today. Read all about these innovative Web women.
 Aliza Pilar Sherman
Cristina Morgan Tech Finance
Just follow the money. These are the powerful women who guide the financial success of the tech industry. Learn more about the real bottom line from these money-makers.
Cristina Morgan    
Anita Borg Education
Today's educators teach tomorrow's innovators. Meet the women who are teaching our hungry minds in the new tech era.
   Anita Borg
Ada ByronLegends
These women made it all possible. They are the ones who broke the barriers and paved the way for girl geeks everywhere.
Ada Byron     
Katrina GarnettSoftware
Women are at the forefront of software development. Meet the leading women who are developing the latest and greatest software applications in the industry.
Katrina Garnett
Carlene EllisHardware
The nuts and bolts of the industry, hardware is where it all begins. Meet the forward-thinking women who are leading the way in tech hardware innovation.
Carlene Ellis   
ChristineThe Next Generation
These exceptional young women represent the future of technology. They know no bounds. From biochemistry to space travel, it's all GirlGeeky to them.

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