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Cathryn Ramin
Cathryn Ramin

Cathryn Ramin is co-founder and CEO of TeamAudio, a company dedicated to the professional design and delivery of sound for the Internet and wireless applications.

In addition to running TeamAudio, Ramin has been a business journalist and columnist for many years, with articles in Barrons, Money, Forbes, Fortune, Institutional Investor and Inc. Magazine. Before launching TeamAudio, Ramin developed product marketing and public relations strategies for Restoration Hardware and several other consumer goods companies.

She and her co-founder husband, composer Ron Ramin, (Creative Director), have built a high-profile team of sound designers, composers, web audio technologists and engineers, with an infrastructure that allows them to work on projects around the globe.

Ramin came up with the concept of sound design for websites a few years ago when she was "sitting in front of a computer screen, trying to figure out what was wrong" with what she was looking at: "essentially advertising, and it was as silent as a page of print." She felt the experience to be "dull" and "realized that a critical dimension was missing."

"Given that my husband is a film composer, I'm pretty sensitive to aural deprivation." Ramin spent the next year working on the concept with her husband, assembling a team and setting standards.

"The ears are as valid an approach to the brain as the eyes," she says. "Maximize that opportunity, and you're making your marketing dollars work twice as hard."

A self-proclaimed Internet addict, Ramin has no doubt that the web will radically alter our universe.


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