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Sharing your database with cross-platform and remote users: You have a small custom-made database on your network How can everyone get access to the database without having to give up their personal computing preferences? Read more>

Wireless LAN:
Eric Lelan of looks at the benefits and drawbacks of wireless networking and provides further resources for research into wireless products. Read more>

P2P Explained: Peers are usually defined as computers connected through some sort of network, such as the Internet or the Napster network. Beyond this, the standards get fuzzy and the definition becomes nebulous at best. Russ King from clears the confusion. Read more >

Planning a Database Driven Website: Eric Leland of Leland Design & CompuMentor lays out the steps you need for design, development, and implementation. Read more>

Making Sense of Shareware, Open Source, and Freeware:
With the rising popularity of free software, its categorization has become slightly confusing. There are important differences between the three. Read more>
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Geek Reeds: Professional JSP
— Combining Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans

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Need a place to store 3 terabytes of video? Try Digital Assests Management in Tech Updates.
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These women are not afraid of deep technology! In these video clips, they share their experience.
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      Lillian Goleniewski talks about humanizing the computer.
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